About Us

The combined experience of our entire staff of school law attorneys ensures that a solution will be found, no matter how difficult the challenge.

Our Mission

To empower Ohio’s boards of education with effective legal counsel to make quality choices for children.

Our Strategy

To foster positive change in your school district by proactively identifying and addressing the legal challenges you face.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: be proactive to help school districts avoid legal issues, and responsive when legal issues cannot be avoided. If difficult situations cannot be neutralized in advance through planning and strategy, our firm has the resources and legal infrastructure to swiftly respond to any problem your school district might face.

Our Results

Strengthened, fiscally responsible school districts that are able to ensure that the children of their communities receive an exceptional education.

Why Pepple & Waggoner?

We help school boards identify legal concerns early, and resolve them as efficiently and inexpensively as possible. This proactive focus is why so many of Ohio’s boards of education have relied on Pepple & Waggoner since 1989.

Our pragmatic and responsive approach will help you navigate through challenging legal situations and resolve them.

Accomplishing Your Goals:

Whether we are addressing your immediate concerns or planning for the future, we help you accomplish your goals and create the most beneficial outcomes for your district.

Supporting School Boards, Children and Education:

We support you by taking on the legal and political obstacles facing public education so that you can direct your efforts toward providing a quality education for the students in your district.

Delivering Value:

We deliver value every day through clear communication, patient understanding, efficient management, and the exercise of sound judgment on your behalf.